The Evo of Doom has been sold

February 6, 2014: After six years of ownership and development, the Evo of Doom has retired from its racing pursuits and is now for sale.

EDIT: As of June 2, 2014, the car has been sold. :(

It has been de-built to a street car with a full OEM SE package interior, and the roll bar, rear aero, and vinyl logos and numbers have been removed, but it still retains almost all of its racing drivetrain: the 2.3L fully built stroker motor with a billet Manley crank, the ported ball bearing CBRD BBK-B turbocharger, the OS Giken push-conversion twin-disc clutch/flywheel, the Wavetrac front LSD, the TRE Max-Lock 12-plate built rear diff w HD side cover, 4.11 Kansai Service final drive, etc. The mileage on this 2006 graphite gray Mitsubishi Evolution IX SE is approximately 43,000.

Price will depend on whether the car is sold with the Stance two-way adjustable coilovers or the OEM suspension; with the Mine’s 80mm full titanium catback exhaust or with the OEM exhaust; with which set of wheels and tires (I can also sell the car without any wheels if you don’t want what I have and have your own); and with or without the custom-built, carbon fiber front splitter setup.

All the details are here:

Email me at if interested in purchasing the vehicle. No trade offers please; just looking to sell the car outright.

Some of the parts from the Evo of Doom are for sale here:

Beware the Evo of Doom

The Evo of Doom is a dual-purpose autocross and road course track car.

It is fast. It is nimble. It is raw, rough, and unforgiving. It guzzles E85 and quickly converts race rubber and track-compound brake pads into black dust. It compels mothers to instinctively pull their children close, and it embarrasses grown men in exotic sports cars with prancing-horse or raging-bull emblems.

It is the Evo of Doom.

The Evo of Doom at Pueblo Motorsports Park (PMP), Pueblo, CO, June 16, 2013, during a NASA Time Trials weekend